The Bishamon turtle shell design

Known to ward evil, bring long life and prosperity

On the wall above the headboard in the guest room, we have placed decorations of the Bishamon Kikko (turtle shell), which is said to be a bring good luck to those around it.

Originally, as the name suggests, the pattern that imitates the shell of a turtle is said to have the meaning of longevity, health, and evil warding because it is strong and protective. Furthermore, Bishamon Kikko is a particularly auspicious, as this pattern is used in the armor of Bishamonten, one of the seven deities of good fortune that brings treasure and good fortune.

The colors chosen are traditional Japanese colors. The color combinations are also used for Kimonos, and create a calming atmosphere to the guest rooms.

We sincerely hope the guests who stay with us will enjoy good luck.

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