Agora Kyoto special stay plan with tea master Shimizu Ippoen Kyoto
Enjoy Kyoto in spring with rich Uji green tea sweets

Agora Kyoto offer a special stay plan to enjoy the elegant and gorgeous spring in Kyoto, decorated with cherry blossoms, in collaboration with the Shimizu Ipphoen Cafe, a Japanese-style cafe under the direct management of tea master Shimizu Ipphoen, a tea wholesaler established more than 70 years ago.


You can enjoy rich tea sweets made with rare Uji matcha and hojicha tea, of which only 500 grams can be produced per day from a single tea mill.


In addition, a drink of your choice will be served at BAR AL BOCADILLO in Agora Kyoto Shijo exclusively for those who have made a reservation through our official website.


<Plan Period>
From March 10, 2023


– Shimizu Matcha Parfait or Shimizu Hojicha Parfait
– (Official website reservation only) A free drink of your choice served at BAR AL BOCADILLO in Agora Kyoto Shijo


*Please note that this plan may not be applicable for some dates depending on availability.
*The parfait is available at the Shimizu Ippoen Cafe Kyoto Main Store or Kyoto Takoyakushi Store.
*Please note that Shimizu Ippoen Cafe Kyoto Main Store is closed on Mondays.
*Orders other than the parfait will be charged locally.
*Meal charges for children staying in bed with a parent are not included in this plan.
*Opening hours are subject to change due to weather and other reasons.

■About Shimizu Ippoen
A wholesaler specializing in tea established in 1945.
In 2012, Shimizu Ippoen Cafe opened its Kyoto main store in Higashiyama Shichijo as a place to offer high quality, rich tea sweets that only a tea wholesaler can provide, and is known as the first cafe in Japan to offer Uji green tea espuma.

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